June 26th, 2015 by Sugar Love Designs

The final evening of vacation, cool and calm, although there was a tornado warning. The rain added to the beauty of our evening. I could sit and listen to the  tapping of rain drops on the windows all night. Fluctuating from soft gentle taps to hard  pounding streams of water throughout the cabin. The candles added to the ambiance and with  less light we couldn’t see all the bugs outside trying to find there way to the light. we were all set to go to proceed with our activities. What activities?


Monopoly of course; love this game. I wanted to  defend my championship. I have always loved to play board games, even as a We also planned  to play dominoes but cards won. However, I was distracted by my mug size jello shot with whip cream. This trip was laid  back and fun. How would you have spent a rainy evening in the Poconos?

Overall I had a great time, created some wonderful memories, and will be revisiting this destination soon. The summer season has just begun plenty things to do,  places to go and maybe back before the end of the season. What is on your agenda for this season?


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breakfast by sugar love designs
June 18th, 2015 by Sugar Love Designs


Poconos pt.2


My trip to the Poconos had  me eating mmm mmm good. Even though, I knew  that I had an eating plan for the week, it  went out the window as soon as we reached the Poconos. We found the local grocery store and stocked up on supplies for our stay. I checked out some sites in regards to the best items to bring to the cabin. I found a pretty good list on Trip advisor. There wasn’t a need to get everything.  My  number one knew the right basic ingredients to get.
We enjoyed our time and made the best of our stay.  By morning everyone definitely had an appetite to enjoy the best meals of our stay. I would say hands down, breakfast was winner. I also happen to love breakfast food.
Dinner was also amazing, my number one made pizza from scratch with all fresh ingredients. Everyone loved it and was pleasantly surprised to find out the crust was filled with cheese.  one evening my number one also made some tasty chicken strips and salad with real bacon bits.
dinner by sugar love designs
dinner by sugar love designs
Overall our meals were delicious. We definitely ate good.  What have been some of your best vacation meals?


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poconos porch view by sugar love designs
June 11th, 2015 by Sugar Love Designs
This travel season, I had the opportunity to spend some time in the Poconos. This is the first time I have visited. It was so beautiful and peaceful. The weather was great; even when it rained. I was also in good company; my number one and a fun couple.
We had the pleasure of staying in a cozy cottage. As we entered, there was a screened-in porch with an amazing view that looked out into the backyard. The yard was filled with lush trees. There was a seating area and there  was a fantastic river creek. There were neighbors within a good distance, however, the place provided adequate privacy.
As we stepped out of the screened-in porch onto the deck, it wrapped around to the other side of the house. We enjoyed sitting and listening to the creek. Everything was provided in the home, huge flat screen TV etc., however, we enjoyed just being outside.
Being here, definitely inspired some creativity. It just provided that calm that allowed everything to flow. As Diana Vreeland would say, “The eyes have to travel”. My number one was also inspired and created some amazing work.
This charming home is located in a gated community with plenty of amenities; four outdoor pools, two indoor pools, tennis courts, racquetball, gym, and outdoor basketball courts. Nearby was a casino, rafting,etc. However, believe it or not, we stayed in and enjoyed each others company.
We loved this place, didn’t want to leave.
In part two, I will talk about what we ate during our time in the Poconos, which included my number ones great cooking. And by the way, I would love to know where you have landed on your
***you can find listing on airbnb***

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jamaican mountains by sugar love designs
June 3rd, 2015 by Sugar Love Designs

Hello June.

It’s  my favorite time of the year when when I throw all caution to the wind and celebrate my born day, which always include travel plans. This travel season, I plan to check out hidden gems not too far from home.

I started with my getaway, in the amazing city of New york, where my number one and I spent time in a beautiful Loft located in Brooklyn. This neighborhood included tree lined streets with plenty of parking, both day and night. It was the perfect apartment, across the street from a park, with restaurants and shopping options close by. Everything we needed was within walking distance.

I think my next trip should have something to do with the great outdoors. Maybe a cabin in the woods by a lake, river, or stream. I don’t know brook, well some body of water. Maybe with an outside seating area, ooh with a fire pit. I am headed to do some research. Visit again to see where I land. I would also love to hear all about your travel plans

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May 27th, 2015 by Sugar Love Designs

getaway fun night game photo

Check out my pinterest boards where you may find other fun activities or another getaway Sugar Love Designs Pins and Boards

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great outdoors by sugar love designs
May 20th, 2015 by Sugar Love Designs

Getaway in the City pt. 3

Check out my pinterest for other great ideas.


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out and about by sugar love designs
May 13th, 2015 by Sugar Love Designs
out and about by sugar love designs
out and about by sugar love designs

Check out my pinterest for out and about ideas.

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May 6th, 2015 by Sugar Love Designs

getaway in the city

getaway part 1
This was my first time using Airbnb as part of my travel plans and it worked out well. I was very pleased by the accommodations.


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May 2nd, 2015 by Sugar Love Designs

 Game Night in Jamaica

Bingo Party; good times.

bingo party jamaica sugar love designs


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April 10th, 2015 by Sugar Love Designs

Scotchies was one of my favorite places to eat, the food was good and I loved the secret garden vibe of the seating area.

This is one of my all time favorite dishes;  Ackee and Saltfish; jamaica’s national dish. look pan di peppa! mi love peppa yu si!
However,  I am not sure I can do this…..check out Scotch Bonnet pepper challenge on you tube.


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