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CT River Finding your happy…


Yes definitely easier said than done. What does that even mean; find your happy? How do you do that?  There is really No quick fix to finding your happy. There are different things that you can start to do. You can begin this journey by loving the most important person in the universe, Chose how to live life, how to deal with moments of uneasiness and deciding who has the privilege to accompany you on this journey.

The most important person in the universe is you. So loving you is definitely a main step. To love yourself you have to begin by really seeing yourself for who you are. You have to be honest with yourself and own your own crazy if you have to do that too. It will be very important to use loving language towards yourself, from the start to the finish of your day. Be willing to surrender and let go of all that you perceive to be holding you back. Most important of all, be patient with yourself, this was probably the hardest for me, giving myself time and space to make mistakes and learn from them.

One of my motto’s is to live the life you love ….. Start by enjoying activities you love, If you love to find fresh ingredients at the farmers market and cooking meals while sipping wine, guess what, then do that..get rid of the excuses and live the life you love. This may also include not doing things other people want you to do and being comfortable enough to tell some people no.

Try new things, if you want to travel and can’t really afford to venture outside of the country then find new places in your state or area to explore. If you always wanted to be a chef but life has taken you in a different direction and you are content with your new path,  you may still have the itch to maybe make new and exciting meals for your family. Try taking cooking classes, do what you love to do in some capacity.

Moments of uneasiness will happen. You  will have challenges, you may have days where you say to hell with happy, and guess what again, you are allowed those moments. They should be just that though, moments. Life can throw some things at us. So expect that things will happen and as crazy as it may sound, my mother always say if your alive then it will be OK. Some things may take longer than others but you will figure it out if your willing to do something about whatever it is. Remember also that it is great to challenge yourself and want to achieve greatness, but remember you are enough an in some capacity you have what you need to get to where you need to go.

Surround yourself with the right people. Who are they? Those who genuinely love you and want the best for you. Include in that circle, the go getter; those doing everything to achieve their dreams. Don’t include those who are out to block your blessings. There is nothing more of a kill joy than a pessimistic know it all walking around with bad juju lingering in your crew. These are the people who are never happy about any of your accomplishments and those who criticize everything professing to know everything having there own agenda.

Remember happiness, comes with the choices you make, it is a choice choose to be happy. Set sight on your capabilities and achieve them. The only person that really hold the key to your happiness is you. . let me ask you this loves, what is your happiness scale and how do you maintain your happiness?

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