April 10th, 2015 by Sugar Love Designs

Scotchies was one of my favorite places to eat, the food was good and I loved the secret garden vibe of the seating area.

This is one of my all time favorite dishes;  Ackee and Saltfish; jamaica’s national dish. look pan di peppa! mi love peppa yu si!
However,  I am not sure I can do this…..check out Scotch Bonnet pepper challenge on you tube.


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November 26th, 2014 by Sugar Love Designs
Glazed Ham!
I found an awesome recipe on allrecipe.com, you should try it. The glazed ham was a hit and received rave reviews!

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July 29th, 2014 by Sugar Love Designs

Recalling my taste of Amsterdam.

Hmmm mmm!

1. Belgian waffle (toasted), bannana ice cream, whip cream, fresh strawberries, and topped with a chocolate. This was fantastic. My photo didn’t come out clearly of the shop name, and oops I can’t recall.
2. Havenrestaurant De Lunch;
Fried cod and fries…yum
3. Manneken Pis; fries with mayo…. Don’t judge until you try!
4. Hot chocolate, one of my favorite stops………
5. Heineken Experience; Heineken, refreshing after a long day of walking.
6. Restaurant Ovierto; I love breakfast food, had this at all hours.

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June 25th, 2012 by Sugar Love Designs
Zucchini, squash..and Lavender 🙂
and somewhere for my feline housemates some cat nip
Tomato plant coming along…..
Lets see…from left to right…sweet peppers,
lettuce,thyme, eggplant, bell peppers…
and drum role please
Habanero Peppers..


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May 28th, 2012 by Sugar Love Designs

Yum Yums

Thursday I had the privilege to go to a hibachi grill for lunch…..



According to our wonderful friends at Wikipedia Hibachi comes with some history.


It is not known when the hibachi was first used in Japan. However, written records suggest that it was used by the Heian period (798-1185 AD). Owing to the low availability of metal in Japan, early hibachis were made from dug-out cypress wood lined with clay. However, craftsmen soon began to make more decorative versions with lacquered finishes, gold leaf,
and other artistic embellishments. Stronger materials such as metal and
ceramics became popular over time. Traditional hibachis can be very
attractive objects in themselves and are today sometimes sold as antiques.

Restaurants use the Hibachi Grilles to put on an awesome show which involves food……yum!

Let the Show begin…….

Oh Oh and we are off with a dud,  the flaming smiley face is a cloud full of smoke 🙁
Appetizer arrive and the 🙂 comes roaring back!
He got busy on the Grille…..I attempted to catch broccoli with my mouth but my eye did a better job of catching the broccoli.


He was able to make up for the dud in the beginning with this onion volcano….he put out the flames with a fireman who also thought we were on fire 🙂 I would recommend a Hibachi lunch any day and it definitely is a pick me up!

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April 30th, 2012 by Sugar Love Designs


Daffodil Festival-This is how I took a break from cleaning and laundry today! The park was beautiful. It was a fabulous day, slightly breezy but with a light jacket it was great.  Unfortunately with this great and crazy New England weather the Daffodils have come and gone before this festival.
But luckily there are other visions of beauty in the park!! 🙂
It was great to step out and enjoy festival/fair foods for lunch…..the foodie in me was pleased 🙂 Remember though which I always forget, everything at this festival have to be bought with tickets.
And Next……we have the chosen one. It says French Fries but I bought a fabulous Italian Sausage grinder/sub….with onions and peepers…missing the hot peppers but it was still delish!!
MONEY MONEY MONEY and memba seh…yu caan go no weh an nuh have nuh money…….travel ATM to the rescue…
There was one booth that I found very interesting…. Purses made from Vintage Books….however, I could not bring myself to pay the asking price 🙂 but for those who would, pretty funky and unique idea.
So to wrap up the day I really wanted a caramel apple but settled for a Fried Dough…yes it was definitely a holiday 🙂 today…. Summer months, summer food, summer fun….
Thank you God yuh eere
life is good 🙂

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February 17th, 2012 by Sugar Love Designs

Great time hanging with the ladies for cocktails and some live poetry……awesome!!!

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