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sunday brunch sugarlovedesigns
May 2nd, 2016 by Sugar Love Designs

Today it seems like the power of human  face to face interaction is under estimated. Social media appears to have taken over the world, however, face to face interaction is very Important. There is a greater connection when everyone is in the same room. Friendships usually are developed over the years and requires a different kind of maintenance and effort. It’s a different feeling when you have not seen folks in a while and you come together. It gives you life, literally, there is a presence that social media cannot provide. Sometimes friendships are formed that was not even expected. This often happens with coworker. Thanks to a former coworker who has helped the transformation of our group to friendships. She has helped to maintain our a group of friends by getting us all together for brunch or dinner on a pretty consistent basis. These gatherings are always filled with stories, some sad but also filled with laughter. Definitely something that has a deeper feeling than everyone commenting on social media. So when we get together, it’s an awesome experience. Not to mention, the food and beverages are always great!

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