Panama Shoreline house



“Sometime shit happens so a SHIFT can happen”


Change and the universe

This happens to resonate with me on sooooo many levels. There are levels to this ish. Change is inevitable and some of it we don’t even see coming, and it may not be how we planned for things to occur.

“Universe be like,

Yo, I heard you like growth

so, I put some challenges

on top your challenges

so, you can grow from your challenges

While you grow from your growth”



Sometimes, time is spent focusing so much on helping others and getting them through, that we either put our own stuff on pause or forget about it completely.  However, you can invest your time and energy in others and they take, take, take, and keep moving. I will help me first, that’s how I will help anybody else. Got lost in this matrix, however, I have woken the hell up. I have learned that the best cheerleader for me is me. Give thanks to the experiences that have brought me here. I am a strong believer of things happen for a reason. So after a very long time away from this site I have created, I am back.  I am found; an evolved me, and looking forward to living and loving.

The major things on my list is:

*breathing life

*Creating new art

* my journey

*new experiences


*every day ish…

Overall my way of living.

So, 2018 year of 11, look forward to me discussing this awakening process, my life, and living in my truth.


January 7th, 2018 by