What are your summer travel plans?

jamaican mountains by sugar love designs

Hello June.

It’s  my favorite time of the year when when I throw all caution to the wind and celebrate my born day, which always include travel plans. This travel season, I plan to check out hidden gems not too far from home.

I started with my getaway, in the amazing city of New york, where my number one and I spent time in a beautiful Loft located in Brooklyn. This neighborhood included tree lined streets with plenty of parking, both day and night. It was the perfect apartment, across the street from a park, with restaurants and shopping options close by. Everything we needed was within walking distance.

I think my next trip should have something to do with the great outdoors. Maybe a cabin in the woods by a lake, river, or stream. I don’t know brook, well some body of water. Maybe with an outside seating area, ooh with a fire pit. I am headed to do some research. Visit again to see where I land. I would also love to hear all about your travel plans

June 3rd, 2015 by