Poconos Vacation pt. 3

The final evening of vacation, cool and calm, although there was a tornado warning. The rain added to the beauty of our evening. I could sit and listen to the  tapping of rain drops on the windows all night. Fluctuating from soft gentle taps to hard  pounding streams of water throughout the cabin. The candles added to the ambiance and with  less light we couldn’t see all the bugs outside trying to find there way to the light. we were all set to go to proceed with our activities. What activities?


Monopoly of course; love this game. I wanted to  defend my championship. I have always loved to play board games, even as a We also planned  to play dominoes but cards won. However, I was distracted by my mug size jello shot with whip cream. This trip was laid  back and fun. How would you have spent a rainy evening in the Poconos?

Overall I had a great time, created some wonderful memories, and will be revisiting this destination soon. The summer season has just begun plenty things to do,  places to go and maybe back before the end of the season. What is on your agenda for this season?


June 26th, 2015 by