Good Eating; Poconos Vacation pt.2

breakfast by sugar love designs


Poconos pt.2


My trip to the Poconos had  me eating mmm mmm good. Even though, I knew  that I had an eating plan for the week, it  went out the window as soon as we reached the Poconos. We found the local grocery store and stocked up on supplies for our stay. I checked out some sites in regards to the best items to bring to the cabin. I found a pretty good list on Trip advisor. There wasn’t a need to get everything.  My  number one knew the right basic ingredients to get.
We enjoyed our time and made the best of our stay.  By morning everyone definitely had an appetite to enjoy the best meals of our stay. I would say hands down, breakfast was winner. I also happen to love breakfast food.
Dinner was also amazing, my number one made pizza from scratch with all fresh ingredients. Everyone loved it and was pleasantly surprised to find out the crust was filled with cheese.  one evening my number one also made some tasty chicken strips and salad with real bacon bits.
dinner by sugar love designs
dinner by sugar love designs
Overall our meals were delicious. We definitely ate good.  What have been some of your best vacation meals?


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