What songs will you always listen to?

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Music is a cure all for me, it has way of creating a different mood, connecting me to memories, and motivating me to my next chapter. It is so hard to chose my ten favorite songs, so  I have decided to share ten songs I will always listen to with artist name and album title! There is also a wrap up of videos from the list.

1. Juicy
Notorious B.I.G
Greatest Hits
2. Children’s Story
Slick Rick
The Greatest Adventures of Slick Rick
3. Lost Ones
Lauryn Hill
The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill
4. Lazy Afternoon
The Roots
Do You Want More?!!!??!
5. Cherry Wine
Nas featuring Amy Winehouse
Life is Good
6. You Got Me
The Roots
Things Fall Apart
7. I’m Still In Love With You
Sean Paul featuring Sasha
Dutty Rock
8. Me & Mr. Jones
Amy Winehouse
Back to Black
9. Bag Lady
Erykah Badu
Mama’s Gun
10. One Is The Magic #
Jill Scott
Who Is Jill Scott?  (Words And Sounds Vol. 1)
And an extra because this is so hard…
11. Killing Me Softly
The Fugees
Greatest Hits

Here are music videos from this list that I found on YouTube. Some of the video’s could not be located so there are live performances or the audio version. Don’t forget to comment below with what are some songs you will always listen to

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