Festival Season


Daffodil Festival-This is how I took a break from cleaning and laundry today! The park was beautiful. It was a fabulous day, slightly breezy but with a light jacket it was great.  Unfortunately with this great and crazy New England weather the Daffodils have come and gone before this festival.
But luckily there are other visions of beauty in the park!! 🙂
It was great to step out and enjoy festival/fair foods for lunch…..the foodie in me was pleased 🙂 Remember though which I always forget, everything at this festival have to be bought with tickets.
And Next……we have the chosen one. It says French Fries but I bought a fabulous Italian Sausage grinder/sub….with onions and peepers…missing the hot peppers but it was still delish!!
MONEY MONEY MONEY and memba seh…yu caan go no weh an nuh have nuh money…….travel ATM to the rescue…
There was one booth that I found very interesting…. Purses made from Vintage Books….however, I could not bring myself to pay the asking price 🙂 but for those who would, pretty funky and unique idea.
So to wrap up the day I really wanted a caramel apple but settled for a Fried Dough…yes it was definitely a holiday 🙂 today…. Summer months, summer food, summer fun….
Thank you God yuh eere
life is good 🙂

April 30th, 2012 by