Pleasant Surprise

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Oregon Surprise


A few weeks ago, I took a job related trip to Oregon. I must admit what a pleasant surprise. The food in the area was FANTASTIC. I love spicy spicy spicy food and the restaurants had great options. I had the pleasure of dining at:
PURE; a fabulous Japanese spot. I tried the SPICY chicken. Delish!
CASPIAN; a cool Mediterranean café, I tried the eggplant curry with added chicken. This was the only meal that was not as spicy as I wished.
MANOLA’S; Thai; I had my favorite green curry with chicken and of course this was spicy!
RON’S ISLAND GRILL I tried Luke’s lava plate with shrimp. This dish was pretty tasty but I should have ordered extra shrimp J
SMOKEHOUSE; BBQ; this was a nice find; we attempted on one of our days to eat at this spot for lunch, however, when we arrived they were closing the doorsL. Why you may ask? They ran out of food and yes the food was that good. I had the pulled pork with mac and cheese the next day.
There was another great find that is not pictured
SWEET BASIL; Thai; I thought this was amazing. I had the yellow curry with shrimp… with extra shrimp J heat rating extremely wild!!!

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